Network Installation for BIM Managers

The standard installer for ARCHICAD and GRAPHISOFT Add-Ons can be deployed in unattended mode.

You can use unattended installation with either the default installation options or custom options where applicable - such as a different installation path, or a customized AC Work Environment.

This article describes how to deploy unattended installation with either default or custom options.

Note: Administrator permission is required to run the executable file.

Unattended Installation - Default Options

In the command line, add the executable file followed by the parameter --mode unattended

For example:


ARCHICAD-24-INT-3000-1.0.exe --mode unattended


ARCHICAD\ 24\ --mode unattended

This will launch the installation without user interface and without any required user input.

If no further parameters are set, the installation will run with default settings.

To run the installation using custom options, please keep reading.

Unattended Installation - Custom Options

There are two ways to set up custom settings for the unattended installation:

Add command line parameters, in any order

Add an option file (containing a list of command line parameters). Use an option file if you are using multiple parameters whose character count might exceed the command line limit.

Topics in this section:

Command Line Parameters (Custom Install)

Option File (Custom Install)

Installer Log Files and Error Codes

Unattended Uninstall

Third-Party Prerequisites

Customized Company Defaults for Unattended Installation (ARCHICAD Only)