Integrated Design Options

A new, dedicated solution in Archicad 27 supports managing multiple design options in an integrated and efficient way.


Manage constantly changing designs and switch among alternative Design Options

Make better design decisions in significantly less time, by evaluating and communicating design options efficiently -- for any project type and scale


Workflow highlights

Create design variations and easily switch among them – whether they include the whole building, just parts of it, or multiple parts at the same time.

Choose the best and most efficient design alternatives, in 3D or any 2D view – without having the different options intersecting each other through through solid element options, merge, crop or element junctions.

Study designs in the context of their surroundings and evaluate them for aesthetics, performance, efficiency.

Design Options are a view-based setting: document your options via any 2D or 3D output.

Use the Design Options palette to easily turn on and off Options on-the-fly as you work.

Focus on editing the current Option by locking, fading, or colorizing other elements outside of the current Option being worked on.

Finalize Options by integrating a selected Option into the main model, or adapt Options along the lifecycle of a Project by merging, duplicating or rearranging Options between Option sets.

Design Options are integrated into the Hotlinks workflow. Work with embedded variations, place a module with selected options, or simply change it later, all at the instance level. Save and publish Hotlink modules with all Options included, or just the visible ones for that view.

Filter and extract BIM data according to different Options: create Option-based Graphic Overrides, and extract data via Schedules and Labels.

Options are widely integrated into all 2D and 3D elements, including Annotation and Markers such as Sections, Elevations, Details and Worksheets.



Design Options