Meshes are surfaces of any form created by defining the elevation of their characteristic points and interpolating between them.

In the Floor Plan, only the outline and the ridges of the mesh are shown.

In 3D, depending on the construction method chosen in the Info Box and Mesh Settings, you will obtain meshes created as a top surface only, meshes created with vertical sides (skirt) and meshes created as solid bodies.

See Mesh Tool Settings.

A Mesh is created on the foundation of the Mesh Reference Plane and the ridges of the Mesh.

Like other construction elements, a Mesh’s essential structure derives from its Building Material.

You draw the main contours of the mesh projected to the Reference Plane. You can then raise the characteristic points of the mesh’s top surface out of this plane.

To aid in precise element placement, you can turn on the “Gravitate to Mesh” command to place additional elements onto the surface of the Mesh.

For information on converting Surveyors’ data into an ARCHICAD Mesh, see Surveyors’ data (.xyz).

Topics in this section:

Display of Meshes

Create a Mesh

Edit Elevation of a Mesh Point

Add New Points to the Mesh

Create a Hole in the Mesh

Mesh Tool Settings