Model Element Connections

ARCHICAD enables you to create complex structures by combining model elements with each other.

There are several types ways to connect elements:

Automatic Priority-Based Junctions: Colliding construction elements will generally create correct intersections in all views, based on the elements’ (or skins’) respective Intersection priorities, as defined in their Building Materials.

Trim (use a Roof or Shell to trim any model element geometrically)

Merge Elements (to connect Roofs, Shells and Morphs with other elements, enabling priority-based junctions to take effect)

Solid Element Operations (SEO)

Join (between one or more Walls and a Curtain Wall)

What all of these functions have in common is that they create an associative connection between two elements. “Associative” means that even though the connected elements remain separate elements, if you change one element’s geometry, then the connected element will automatically adjust itself as needed.

Each function is described in detail in the following sections:

Element Intersections

Trim Elements to Roof or Shell

Join Wall to Curtain Wall

Solid Element Operations

Merge Elements: Roofs, Shells, Morphs

Managing Element Connections