Create a Chain of Walls

A chained wall is a sequence of connected straight or curved wall elements.

With the Wall Tool selected, choose the Chained Wall method from the Info Box. (Pop out the small black arrow on the Straight Wall Method button.)


As soon as you start drawing the Wall, a pet palette appears with geometry options for each segment:


A straight segment

A curved segment tangential to the previous one (cannot be used for the first segment)

A curved segment tangential to a line you define before actually drawing the segment

A curved segment passing through two points

A curved segment defined by its centerpoint, radius and length

Click to place each successive segment using any of the geometry methods.

Double-click to complete the Wall.

Click Backspace to undo just the last input segment.

Click Cancel or Delete to undo the entire Wall.

If you change the Wall’s attributes in the Info Box during the creation process, all created Wall segments will have the modified attributes (reference line position, line type, etc.).

This input method is analogous to creating a chained Beam.

See Chained Beam.