Install Archicad

Download Archicad

Archicad is available for download at:

Archicad Hardware/Software Requirements

Hardware/Software requirements are modified from time to time. For up to date information on system requirements, please consult the following link:

Installation Process

1.Start the installer to open the Welcome Screen.

Click Next to continue.


2.License Agreement


Read the license agreement carefully and accept it. (Click Open in Browser to see the agreement in a new window.)

Click Next.

3. Select Installation Directory


On this page, define the file path of the installation. As a rule, you should choose the path suggested by default, to simplify the installation of any future updates.

On Mac: Installation must be in the Applications folder or any of its sub-folders.

To confirm the file path, click Next.

4.Choose Setup Type


Typical (recommended): Installs Archicad 26 together with all of its components (e.g. Library).

Custom: Installs only specific program components.

Click Next.

5.Installation Summary


This screen summarizes your chosen configuration.

Click Install to begin installation.

6.Installation Underway


Depending on your hardware configuration, this process may take several minutes. In addition to other components, CodeMeter, the BIMx Desktop Viewer, and the License Manager Tool are all installed in the background.

7.For Mac users: if you are installing Archicad on a Mac OS system, you will see a warning: for Archicad to run properly, you must enable Full Disk Access in Mac OS settings. Follow the steps described in the warning dialog.

See Mac OS: Enable Full Disk Access

8.Create Shortcut; Set Notification Preferences


Optionally: Create Archicad desktop shortcut (Win only).

Optionally: Enable Archicad to Check for Updates automatically.

If you check this, then Archicad Action Center will notify you whenever a new Archicad and/or Library update is available.

You can limit the type of notification:

Updates Only (default): Get notified only if a final (fully tested) update is available

Updates and Update Previews: Also get notified whenever a preview version of an update is available. Update previews are internally tested but not yet ready for wide release.

(You can change your notification preferences at any time in Archicad’s Work Environment dialog. See Check for Updates and/or Update Previews)

Click Next.

9.If you enabled automatic Check for Updates: the installer now runs an initial check and informs you if any updates are available for the version you are now installing.



Your package is up to date

Updates are available

If updates are available, finish installing this package, then install the update.

10.Download Offline Help files (optional)


Help files are not automatically installed with Archicad, because up-to-date Help resources are available online. If you work online, you don’t need to install Help files.

But if you work offline and/or your internet connection is unstable, you can download and install Offline Help: click the link to access and download Help files to your computer.

See also Download Offline Help.

Click Next.

11.Complete Installation


Click Finish. You may be prompted to restart your computer.

Silent Install for Archicad and Add-ons

It is possible to use a silent install process to install Archicad using a customized, company-preferred configuration.

For details, see Network Installation for BIM Managers.